Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Typhoon Day - Saola, Girl, You Crazy!

Everything has been called off today due to Typhoon Saola.  

Schools are closed and various other places of business are closed.  

Typhoons are very common this time of year.  This is my second typhoon since I arrived in May.  The first one that came through allowed for one typhoon day, which is a day off of work and when people usually get together, drink, dance and have a lovely time.  

Saola has now allowed for two typhoon days and word on the street is that Friday may be a typhoon day as well.  

If you are an English teacher and wondering if you have a day off is a great resource. 

To show you just how high the water has risen.. here is the river outside my apartment on a normal day:


And outside today.... angry skies and my running trail, tennis courts, and the park are all deep underwater.

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