Friday, July 6, 2012

Ceramics in Yingge, Taiwan

Yingge is a city in Southwestern Taipei County dedicated to ceramics.   When moving to Taipei, this town was on the top of my list of places to visit.  I secretly hoped that a ceramics master would spot me and my naturally badass ceramics moves at one of the Do-it-Yourself ceramics places.  He would then obviously ask me to apprentice under him and teach me all of the magical, oriental ceramics secrets.

This didn’t happen, but I did thoroughly enjoy my trip to Yingge. 

To get to Yingge from Taipei, you can get a TRA train from Taipei main station.  It is a short trip, a little over half an hour, depending on the train that you take and only $30 NT (Less than $1 US).   *Tip: its pronounced Inga, which is helpful to know when buying your ticket. 

I went with a few friends.  We threw pots, had good food, and drank beer through very European-like, palm tree lined streets. 

Yingge used to be a bustling ceramics town, with factories and exported ceramics to all parts of the world before the 1990’s.  Since most of the factories have left Taiwan and moved to China, it is more of a tourist spot, with some beautiful, expensive hand-made ceramic galleries and fun Do-It-Yourself type places mixed along the clean, cobble stone streets.   



  2. love to see you with ceramics! dad

  3. Framboise is one of my favorite fruits and liquors! Helen I know I am repeating self but your pictures are awesome!