About Moi

My name is Helen Sharp.  I am a Wandering Woman from Texas.  
My friends call me a gypsy lady and I dance through life as such.  I like queso, turtles, traveling, running, dancing, eating, cooking, drinking 
good whiskey and wine, and meeting new people.  I have a passion for experiencing different places to the fullest.  Being in an environment and learning from different cultures, 
food, drink, and people is the very light of my life and essence of my being.  
So far I have lived in Texas, Arizona, Mexico, France, Argentina, Chicago, IL and am off to a new home in Taipei, Taiwan.  Dancing Tortuga was created to share my adventures with the people I love and to document the beauty I see in the world.  I hope to inspire, teach, learn, and entertain. 

Abre los Ojos


  1. I think you're beautiful and I'm sad I didn't get to see you before you left Chicago. I'm sending warm love from Hawai'i and will just have to follow your blog and come visit you. I love you Helen Sharp. You're my favorite Texan fo sure.

  2. Great work on the blog Helen! What an amazing experience...Carpe diem!