Monday, February 17, 2014

Chinese New Year 2014 - Let the Horse be with You!

SOOoooo I am well aware that it has been quite sometime since I have posted to the Tortuga. I apologize for that. My life kind of all exploded at once into many wonderful opportunities, and I have been very busy. 

More on that and my new website to come.

I went to Dulan again for Chinese New Year, because it's just my favorite place. My friends and I rode 190 Km in two days on our bicycles and found our way from the cold, bleak and rainy north to the sunshine and beaches of the south. 

Some of my favorite photos from the trip below...

I also have a move coming up in the next few months.... I shall be saying goodbye to Taiwan and hello to the good ole US of A. 

Not sure where my next destination will be to live, but thinking its finally time to snuggle into NYC. But Portland is looking good and so is Los Angeles....

And then there is my love for Latin America.. which has me thinking maybe Panama, Colombia or Chile.

Decisions, decisions.