Friday, July 27, 2012

Olympics: Funny or Die and Chinese Taipei

The Olympics begin today in London!  

In honor of these glorious games, I give to you a Funny or Die video produced by my dear friend Elliott Watson!  Starring Kurt Angle and Rob Van Dam.  


Who will you be rooting for in the games? 

 I am thinking Amuricah and "Chinese Taipei", which is how Taiwan is being represented in the games.  Some countries recognize Taiwan as an independent country, while others (including the Unites States) agree to say that it is the 23rd Province of China due to political pressures from the mainland.  

Although, the Olympics are just beginning, there has already been controversy brewing within the Taiwan Straight. 

This picture depicts Taiwan's flag flying high in the streets of London, before Beijing protested to have it removed.  

Pretty upsetting for Taiwan. 

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