Monday, March 11, 2013

Blonde in Taiwan - Where to Get Your Hair Did

2F, #175, Zhongxiao E. Rd. Sec. 5
MRT: City Hall Exit 4

Gettin My Hairs Did.

My sister, Katherine, and her friend Katherine are visiting me from Texas.  Three blonde Texas girls taking over Taiwan.  Quite a site to behold.  Already, we have been dubbed triplets and people keep mistaking my sister for me.  It goes without saying that all blonde, white girls look the same here. 

When I first arrived in Taipei I was worried about my hair.  Yes, its true, I am a bit vain and cared about my hair color, but you must know that this fear all stems from my time living in Buenos Aires.  The blonde there is straight up YELLOW.  I came back home to the loving arms of my friends and family with bright old-yeller hair.  It was not pretty.  

So the seed was planted and the fear was preparing to sprout, when a mutual friend wacked that possible buttery-daisy-problem away by introducing me to Dra's Hair Lab

This is the place for a Blonde in Asia if there ever was one.

Dra lived in Los Angeles and studied hair there, so she has seen a blonde or 5,234,234,123 most likely in her day.  It is dubbed the Expat Hair salon in Taipei and I am always happy with the results. 

As far as prices go, its much cheaper than back home (around US $100 as apposed to US $300+).  Usually they will ask you to send a picture and they will quote you the maximum.  

So, check it out.  Have some coffee, get your hairs did, hang with Dra, read some trashy magazines, sit back, relax and enjoy a good hair do all whilst in Asia.  


  1. thank you!! I will definitely go when I am in need!!

  2. You literally just saved my life! lol

  3. Dancing Tortuga also saved my ass, and inspired me to create something we all need!

    I am creating a website to make it easier for western girls to find a hair colorist/specialist abroad.

    The idea is….
    I can go to any country abroad, and easily search for a specialist knows my hair type- without the fear of a hair disaster.

    If you are western with blonde, brunette, African, red, ombre, or mermaid hair and have found a specialist you like while abroad- let me know!

    1. Name of Salon
    2. City, Country
    3. Contact/website if possible
    4. What color did you have done (blonde, red, mermaid, etc)
    5. 1-5 star review:
    6. 1-2 sentence review on color outcome/colorists ability-
    7. Photo
    Email me the info at

    Happy Hair Days to all!

    And thank you again. I am no longer walking around Taipei looking like a mess.