Saturday, June 2, 2012

Din Tai Fung

It is no surprise to me that Din Tai Fung has such an outstanding reputation amongst many in Taipei... not only has been given the honor of a Michelin Star for the past three years, but is simply delicious!  After three short weeks I have been there twice, and I just can not seem to get enough.  As I have mentioned before: I. LOVE. DUMPLINGS... and Din Tai Fung is famous world wide for their delicious, savory, hand-rolled dumplings.  In fact, my mouth is watering right now just thinking about the feast I had last night.  

When looking at Din Tai Fung, it doesn't seem to be anything fancy, but that is the beauty of Taipei.  Most of the best restaurants that I have been to so far are tiny hole-in-the-wall situations, tucked away in tiny alleys, which were to my surprise; proper neighborhood streets.  In fact, you could live in Taipei for ten years and still never see all that it has to offer.  It is a labyrinth city of twisty, turney streets that lead you to new restaurants, fruit juice stands, temples, and beyond.

The beauty that is Din Tai Fung is a simple one. Come in, sit down, and eat really, really good Chinese food.  When your done; leave smiling, fully satisfied.  

Soup Dumpling Etiquette.

Taiwanese Water Spinach with just the perfect compliment of Garlic.

Pork Potstickers were savory and so cripsy, you can easily crack them apart with chop sticks.  

Pork & Truffle Soup Dumplings.  Heaven.

Steamed Sticky Bun with Sweet Taro for Desert is my new obsession.

Luckily, Din Tai Fung can be found in many locales around the world.  To all my Los Angeles homies: get on this.  There is also one in Seattle.  Sorry New Yorkers, this is one thing your city doesn't have.  

Read about the Legend of Din Tai Fung here.

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