Thursday, May 31, 2012

Journey to Taipei 101 and Beyond

Being that Taipei 101 is on the very top of every list of what to do in Taipei, my training group and I decided to be tourists for the day and discover what this building was all about.

Upon first observing Taipei 101, I wasn't stricken with the admiration I thought I might feel.  In fact, when riding the elevator up to the observation deck, we were all a bit disappointed.  It was one of those moments where you build something up in your head and then when you are there, it just can't live up to your expectations.    

 The thirty second ride to the top of the building was exciting, because it was so fast that our ears popped.  At the top, we walked around for a while, took some pictures, and left feeling defeated and utterly exhausted.

Then you live here for a while, talk to people, see it standing tall, alone and proud every day and you begin to understand the real beauty and accomplishment of it goes beyond just being a tall building.  

 Taipei 101 is one of Taiwan's most prized monuments and a treasure for the small island.  In fact, before 2010, when it was beat out by the Bruj Khalifa building in Dubai,  Taipei 101 was known as the worlds tallest building.  Today, even though it is considered the second tallest building in the world, it is still the tallest and largest green structure on the planet; a globally friendly edifice reaching up to 101 floors, which was also built to withstand both typhoons and earthquakes.  An architectural feat for such a small island with little to nothing to show for in the architectural field.  

I also really like that it is so much taller than any other building in the city.  You can almost see it from anywhere!

Below are some pictures from the Journey and Beyond!

Ticket to the top!
The massive weight that centers the building, working with the design to withstand both typhoons and earthquakes.  

Eating ice cream on the top with Heather and South African James.  There was a chocolate flavored ice cream called "Obama."  

Sign in the bathroom stall and probably my favorite part of the whole experience.  I mean really?  No pooping on the floor y'all! 

Trippy Journey through the hallways in the future!

The elevator ride was pretty magical, save being in really close quarters with a bevy of strangers talking in all sorts of tongues. 

An everyday type of view of Taipei 101 after coming out of the subway station.  Beautiful!

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  1. There was an ice cream flavor called "Obama" hahahahahhahahhah. God bless Taipei.