Monday, May 21, 2012

River Trecking, Muddy Mountains, and Eclipses

So I spent the day Sunday hiking Camel Back mountain in Yilan county, an hour outside of Taipei.  It was a gray, cloudy day, which I have been told is typical of the rainy season here in Taiwan.  The rainy season lasts until June and then SUNSHINE!.... and then monsoons in August.  Although its rainy, I am enjoying it.  Its light, warm summer rain, which is the best kind.  Something I have learned is to never leave home without an umbrella.  I have already purchased two; I am currently the owner of three umbrellas.  More to come I am sure.

So...  I woke up at 7 a.m. packed a backpack with an umbrella (which obviously wouldn't really matter hiking through waterfalls, but I guess it's habit now)... and met up with a group of people at the main station of the MRT (the subway).  From there we took a bus an hour outside of Taipei and walked to the base of the mountain and river bank.  We were the only group hiking the mountain, and it was so beautiful.  Everywhere I looked I couldn't believe my eyes, I was obviously the new girl.  Apparently this is what Taiwan is: beautiful, tropical green and water in all forms.  Eventually, we made it to the waterfall, where we stripped off our clothes to our bathing suits and pranced under the waterfall.  It was my first waterfall experience and it was cleansing and refreshing mind, body and soul.  I've been so tired and jet lagged since I got here that I haven't been particularly interested in even talking to people, but after that I just felt more awake.  I know that sounds lame, but its true.

After hiking through mud and waterfalls for 3 hours we were exhausted.  We went to the town below to find hot springs awaiting our arrival; so we got to relax, rest our weary toes in the rejuvenating water and have a nice, cold Taiwanese Beer.

  I was dead.  So tired after the hike.  I passed out and woke up for the Solar eclipse on my rooftop.

View from the bus, Noice curtains.

Camel Back
I saw this and thought "This would be a fabulous fan!"


  1. the waterfall is stunning and thank YOU for taking pics of the eclipse!

  2. Ridic to the lous. Live it up gurl. So happy for you!