Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Tea, Friends, and Spirit Familia

This past weekend I went to Milwaukee, one of my favorite little towns I have found on my Midwestern tour this past year and a half.  I like Milwaukee, because the second you get there all you want to do is drink, and drink a lot.  It is an old brewery town with lots of funky bars with funky specials.  The best special I have come across is $5 for a shot of Jameson, a PBR, and a cigarette.  Who could pass that up? 

Another thing that is wonderful about Milwaky are the crazy, little tea houses.  This weekend I was introduced to Anaba Tea Room.  Place was amazing, tea was amazing, and the sandwiches weren't too bad if I do say so myself.  The people watching was amazing; There were literally people dressed in renaissance garb sitting at the table next to me.   Anyways here is what the place looks like:

The Picture does not do it justice... AND on top there is a greenhouse.
Chill Little Tea Bar to Sit and Read a Book/Talk About Tea.
Turkey, Sprout, Bacon, Cucumber, and Sharp Provolone Cheese Sandwich with a Side Salad and Lavender Earl Grey Tea. 

Anyways, the atmosphere and tea were highly enjoyable and if anyone is every in the little town of Milwaukee, I recommend it!

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