Monday, July 29, 2013

Beach Daze

View of Turtle Island from Beach House Rooftop at Wa'io Beach

I have been finding myself saying: "This can't be real life." a lot lately. Why? Because my life has become 20 shades of amazing after finding myself in Taiwan for 14 months. 

This is what I did yesterday... on a Monday.

I woke up in an old beach house, walked down a pebbled road, past a temple, and through two great, gold dragons who guard it, down to the beach. I carried a mat, an umbrella, sunscreen and a good book. I swam in the ocean, looking back to see great, green mountains falling into the sea. I opened my book, sat under my umbrella and read to the sound of the waves washing up to the shore.

After my beach time, I went with a Kiwi friend to check out a beach house for rent. Four stories tall and perfect for holding numerous guests, completely with about a dozen surfboards and a ping-pong table. Outside is a grill and a hammock. Umm thanks! I'll take it!

Next, I must get back to Taipei for a few appointments. I take my scooter through the mountain trails, two hours, speeding around tight corners, surrounded by tea fields... sunshine, lush greenery and fresh air clinging to me on every turn. 

I take a break by the river for a mango ice. So refreshing sitting there, listening to the birds and watching the schools of fish sparkle by. 

... So this day is one of many perfect days I have had of late. I have also started writing for a magazine here, which is why I have been absent from the Tortuga! 

Wa'io Beach BBQ with view of Turtle Island
Scoot Scoot down the Road 

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