Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Taiwanese All Hallow's Eve

Halloween is my favorite holiday.  In fact, I usually partake in all types of acts of heathenism as much as possible around All Hallow's Eve.    

This year I celebrated the weekend before when the proper Halloween parties took place at the Red House Theater in Taipei's GLBT district called Ximending, after walking in the Pride Parade of course.  Then I celebrated again on the true day, October 31st.  I must admit that, although on a Wednesday, I had much more fun on the true day.  Must be something about the portals of Hades opening up and letting all the wild and unruly spirits out for the night to play.  

My first costume was the end of the world.  My roommate and I dressed up like Mayans with a Calendar with December 21st circled and carried signs reading "The End is Near".  For those of you who don't know, the world is ending in a month, so enjoy life as we know it while you can! 

My second costume was "Open Ja" or Open for short.  Open is 7-11's mascot.  Aptly named, because 7-11 is always open.  This costume was a tribute to Taiwan's and basically all of Asia's obsession and need for 7-11.   You pay your bills at 7-11, buy concert tickets, buy food, get beer and wine, mail packages, make copies, and the receipts (like all of the receipts in Taiwan) are lottery tickets!  

Happy Halloween (late) everyone!! I hope yours was as wonderful as mine!

We are Bazaar: End of the World, Bowzer, The Pink Panter, and a Mayan. 

Open and a Pirate!
Open in 7-11!


 Open Ja! 

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