Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Power of Positive Thinking

I am a lucky girl.  

Lucky in friends, family, and love.   Thank you to everyone who has been so sweet and supportive of me during these rough few weeks.  All the calls, emails, texts and positive energy really have sent my spirit soaring.  

I love you all!

After everything, I think I have also unlocked one of life's most precious secrets: the power of positive thinking. 

After my school closed down and I was sick of being sick, it was easy to feel that life was turning its back on me.  However, instead of feeling defeated, I took it as a learning experience and a hurdle to prance over.  Something, that in fact, would end up making my life better.

 I had two interviews yesterday and was offered jobs at both schools.  Today,  I signed a new contract at a wonderful school (with nap time!), and class starts tomorrow. 

I thought positive thoughts and now a week after my former school shut down, I am back to work!  

I also re-realized that I came to Taiwan to do much more than teach.  Last Wednesday was a wake-up call.  I have started painting again (I will have work to show you by the end of the week!).   I also joined a Gaelic football team.  I have set up private lessons AND I am looking into doing some acting here, as westerners are highly sought after for ads and commercials... should be interesting and hilarious.  

Also, even though I don't really believe in horoscopes, I read them. Today mine told me that the cosmos is urging me to explore dusty dreams, because I am entering a period of good fortune, and anything I start will be especially blessed.  Now that is something to be excited about!  Keep thinking positive!  

Again, thank you all for the good vibes!  The picture above is my gift to you!  

Its a beautiful temple in Taipei, called "Longshan Temple"... although it's surrounded by bums and prostitutes, it is actually one of the oldest and most beautiful temples that I have seen.  If you look closely you can see the gorgeous tiles that decorate the surface.  Just beautiful.  


  1. amazing!! great resolve! stay healthy and live positivity!

  2. Blessing come your way, just as we are so blessed with you.