Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Craving Mexico

"The Guilty Catholic" Pastels on Computer Paper

Whilst I am frolicking around Taiwan; traveling, meeting wonderful people, learning Mandarin, and trying all of the deliciously, foreign foods.  

... I have found myself satisfied, except for one small, guilty craving: Mexico.  

I say guilty because I am so lucky to be here and shouldn't be wanting to be somewhere else AT ALL, but alas I am the most fickle person in the world... so...

... to satisfy this craving for Mexican food, culture, and art - I have fervently begun to draw Dia De Los Muertos skulls.  I studied Mexican art in University and absolutely love the colors, symbolism, and simplicity behind it.  

My plan is to make more and... well how I am going to make them is a secret, but more skulls to come!    

"Tres" Pastels on Computer Paper
"Party Boy" Pastels on Computer Paper

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