Saturday, June 9, 2012

Potty Talk: Taiwan

When first arriving in Taiwan, I was surprised to see that their version of the toilet was far different from those in the Western hemisphere.  Aside from the water flushing counter-clockwise instead of clockwise, many of the toilets are simply holes in the ground.  

These toilets are squatting toilets.  

At first I was terrified.  "AWW HELL NO!"  I thought in my head.  

Since that fateful day a month ago, I have began to embrace these toilets as my own.  There are more western style toilets around, and in my apartment, thank god, but these toilets... they are not that bad once you get the hang of them.  A few friends I have made actually began to prefer them, as they are slightly more hygienic, but I don't want to get into the details of something so un lady-like here or anywhere for that matter.  So I will just leave it to the pictures to weave the tale...

I really enjoy the caution tape upon entering
The squatting toilet!

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  1. i would not poop in that......i would just hold it for the entire time i was there.