Sunday, May 27, 2012

Street Food: Taiwanese Hot Dogs

Yesterday, Suzanne and I talked ancient history, watched a crazy light-riddled religious procession and ate what looked to be a rice hotdog.  Basically, they put the sweet Taiwanese sausage in a rice sausage that they cut open, and the rice sausage serves as the bun.  You can also eat them separately. 

Lots of sausages

Hey, lady can I get one of those sausages?


And a nice, cold Taiwan Beer

... and NO all of my friends wondering if I got sick from ordering weird street food (which would be typical).  The Taiwanese take on the hot dog was not my favorite thing I have ever eaten and I am sure I will find much tastier street food in the future.  

Apparently, it is very common to have a rice sausage or patty used for the bun here.  They also do it for hamburgers. 


  1. Helen, it is Melinda! My first time blogging with anyone! Your smile even looks bigger and brighter! There is not a day that goes by that I am not sending you prayers for a fabulous and safe experience. WE ( YES< THE JUDGE TOO!!) misses you and the "Sparkle" You brought to our home when you visited.
    Love, Melinda

    1. Melinda!! I am so happy you are blogging with me! I miss you all too, very much!