Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Happy Birthday Mama

Today is February 8th and my Beautiful, Amazing, Self-less, Gracious Mother's birthday.  I just so happen to be the luckiest girl in the world.  I love you Mama. SO much!  For your birthday I have written you this poem.... 

"Love You Mama"
A Poem by Helen Sharp

I love you because you always have a smile on your face
Because you are always here for me
And know how to put your three wild, crazy daughters in their place

I love you because you cook the most amazing food
I love how you always know how to to cheer me up
Even when I am in the most inconsolable of moods

I love you because you taught me everything I know

You taught me how to cook
And now I can take on any chef's book  
You taught me not to waste time on being materialistic
You even let me stop going to that awful Camp Mystic

You taught me how to paint, 
and you taught me how to sew

 All these things mean so much to me
The amount of which, I hope someday you will fully know 

My Beautiful Mother
 Love love love you Mommy!! Here is to many more beautiful years together as a familia, you spring chicken you.

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